What are the famous things to buy from Gangtok?

Gangtok offers a vibrant shopping experience with its array of unique local products that reflect the rich culture of Sikkim. Here are some of the most famous items you can buy from Gangtok, perfect for souvenirs or personal enjoyment:

1. Sikkim Tea : Renowned for its distinct flavor, tea from Sikkim is a must-buy. Temi Tea Garden produces some of the best organic teas in the region. You can pick up black, green, and white teas that offer a refreshing taste.

2. Traditional Sikkimese Dress : Clothing such as the ‘Bakhu’, a traditional Sikkimese dress, is a beautiful and unique garment to take home. It’s comfortable and offers a glimpse into the local culture.

3.  Thangkas : These are Tibetan Buddhist paintings on cotton or silk appliqué, usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala. Thangkas serve both as a piece of art and an aid to meditative practices.

4. Handicrafts : Sikkim is famous for its handicrafts, including items made from bamboo and wood. You can find beautifully crafted souvenirs such as bowls, mats, and other decorative items that are lightweight and easy to carry back home.

5. Sikkim Cheese : Known locally as Churpi, this traditional cheese is a delicious treat. You can find both hard and soft varieties, and it’s worth taking some back for its unique taste.

6. Prayer Flags : Commonly seen fluttering in the high winds, colorful Buddhist prayer flags are believed to spread spiritual blessings. They make for a meaningful gift or souvenir, symbolizing peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom.

7. Local Spices and Pickles : Sikkim’s diverse flora contributes to an array of unique spices and pickles. Nettle pickle is particularly popular and offers a taste that’s both unusual and delightful.

8. Organic Products : With the state’s focus on organic farming, you can find a range of organic products like pulses, spices, and even skincare products. These make for healthy additions to your pantry.

Shopping in Gangtok provides a chance to take a piece of Sikkim’s rich cultural tapestry home with you. From its bustling markets like M.G. Marg to local craft cooperatives, there are plenty of places to explore and find these treasures.

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